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5 Recently Expired Domains With $1.2K To $2.3K Estibot Appraisals

Here’s a short list of recently expired domain names with Estibot appraisals of $1000 or more.   I use Estibot for many things (as I wrote about on ) and want to make clear that I always take the domain appraisals with a grain of salt.

So should you.

Sometimes I think they are too high, and sometimes I KNOW they are too low.  In any case, stats don’t ever tell the whole story.  Statistics don’t come up with ideas and ideas make the difference.  Ideas and goals, so maybe one of these domains can be the vehicle for one of your ideas to reach a goal, whatever that idea or goal is.

Also, as part of my on-going affiliate marketing experiment, I am linking to the Estibot appraisal for each domain with two different links.  The green link is the link to the free Estibot appraisal and is associated with my affiliate ID.  The red link is the link to the exact same information and I receive absolutely zero recognition for the referral.

These 5 domains available to hand register, $1200 to $2300 Estibot appraisals…$2000 Estibot appraisal / $2000 Estibot appraisal

Monetize as an REI affiliate and their great selection of online cycling jackets. REI is known and respected by millions of outdoor sports enthusiasts worldwide.$1500 Estibot appraisal / $1500 Estibot appraisal

Could be a trademark violation.  Could be something TOTALLY different.  Think about it…$2300 Estibot appraisal / $2300 Estibot appraisal

I actually live in a part of the country where people still do a lot of canning of home grown vegetables and jams and jellies from local berries.  Millions do their own pressure canning for personal health reasons, long-term food storage, saving money and yes even for pure enjoyment.  Quick flip candidate to a company like Tattler that already recognizes the value of keyword domains as evidenced by their use of - $1200 Estibot appraisal / $1200 Estibot appraisal

This is one of those keyword product domains that offer lots of options.  If you’re an affiliate marketer you can use it to promote products from online retailers that sell them.  See some example products currently on and Google Images.   If you’re a domainer then you might approach it as a flip candidate to one of the companies advertising on Google for the keyword phrase “bronze sink,” or to a company that manufactures high-end bronze sinks.   Manufacturers includes the likes of Fontaine, Kohler, Vigo and others big names in the bath and kitchen fixture business. - $1200 Estibot appraisal / $1200 Estibot appraisal

Silver Spring, MD is a major business hub located just north of Washington, D.C. and had a population of 71,452 at the 2010 census.  If I were a realtor in Silver Spring I would be all over this domain for my own personal lead generation.  Do some prospecting to real estate professionals in Silver Spring and this is money in the bank from a domain flipping perspective.

For those who like to cut and paste for their own purposes…

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