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Selling Domains On Twitter – A Success Story

Okay, first I have to take you back to New Year’s Day 2012.

I work from a home office (this site’s header is the view from my porch) and living the mantra, I was on Twitter that morning putting out a few tweets about expired domain names.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I like to tweet recently expired domains that are available to hand-register. Sometimes I muse on how they might be simply monetized or I share my thoughts on what kind of business could benefit from buying them (from you of course).

The flip side of the expired domain tweets is when I use Twitter to promote domains from my own portfolio. I don’t do it very often because that’s not what my Twitter account is about, but I thought I would share a recent domain sale that I attribute directly to a tweet.

For the record, on 1-1-2012, I did not have a hangover.

"After this let's go tweet about our hangovers."

I did however notice several very funny tweets from others who were discussing the previous evening and the ramifications thereof.  They all had a hash-tag for #hangover so use your imagination…or just go search Twitter.

I immediately realized that I had the ideal audience to market one of my domains to.  With so many people using #hangover in such hilarious tweets I knew it would be a very highly searched hash-tag.

Timing is everything

I was pretty sure that I would have to wait another 12 months before so many people were discussing their hangovers at the same time.  And if I knew this, then other businesses knew it too.  And if those businesses were using hash-tags to find people to follow and therefore market to, then I wanted those business to find me as well.

I knew a blaring “This Domain For Sale!” approach wouldn’t work

What I really wanted to do was join in the hangover fun, while at the same time making it clear that the domain was A) valuable and B) available for purchase.

I thought if I wrote a compelling enough tweet that I could get people to click the domain, and at that point I would have a surprise waiting.

Here’s the tweet (with 6 characters to spare):

The link was live and it sent anyone who clicked directly to a GoDaddy Premium Listing with a Buy It Now price for the domain. 

Well, yesterday morning someone bought it.  Since it was registered privately I don’t know whether it was a business or an individual, a domain investor or an end-user.

The fact that it was a four figure sale ($X,XXX) and that no one ever called or emailed with a lower offer immediately leads me to believe it was an end-user. I think they paid a fair price, maybe even on the low side. Not only am I pleased with the sale, I truly hope they have a cure.

In any case,  congratulations to the new owner of and until I receive confirmation otherwise, I’m going to chalk this domain sale up to my tweet.

A special thanks to everyone who had a little bit too much to drink on New Year’s Eve 2012. There’s a warm special place in my heart for all of you.

5 Recently Expired Domains With $1.2K To $2.3K Estibot Appraisals

Here’s a short list of recently expired domain names with Estibot appraisals of $1000 or more.   I use Estibot for many things (as I wrote about on ) and want to make clear that I always take the domain appraisals with a grain of salt.

So should you.

Sometimes I think they are too high, and sometimes I KNOW they are too low.  In any case, stats don’t ever tell the whole story.  Statistics don’t come up with ideas and ideas make the difference.  Ideas and goals, so maybe one of these domains can be the vehicle for one of your ideas to reach a goal, whatever that idea or goal is.

Also, as part of my on-going affiliate marketing experiment, I am linking to the Estibot appraisal for each domain with two different links.  The green link is the link to the free Estibot appraisal and is associated with my affiliate ID.  The red link is the link to the exact same information and I receive absolutely zero recognition for the referral.

These 5 domains available to hand register, $1200 to $2300 Estibot appraisals…$2000 Estibot appraisal / $2000 Estibot appraisal

Monetize as an REI affiliate and their great selection of online cycling jackets. REI is known and respected by millions of outdoor sports enthusiasts worldwide.$1500 Estibot appraisal / $1500 Estibot appraisal

Could be a trademark violation.  Could be something TOTALLY different.  Think about it…$2300 Estibot appraisal / $2300 Estibot appraisal

I actually live in a part of the country where people still do a lot of canning of home grown vegetables and jams and jellies from local berries.  Millions do their own pressure canning for personal health reasons, long-term food storage, saving money and yes even for pure enjoyment.  Quick flip candidate to a company like Tattler that already recognizes the value of keyword domains as evidenced by their use of - $1200 Estibot appraisal / $1200 Estibot appraisal

This is one of those keyword product domains that offer lots of options.  If you’re an affiliate marketer you can use it to promote products from online retailers that sell them.  See some example products currently on and Google Images.   If you’re a domainer then you might approach it as a flip candidate to one of the companies advertising on Google for the keyword phrase “bronze sink,” or to a company that manufactures high-end bronze sinks.   Manufacturers includes the likes of Fontaine, Kohler, Vigo and others big names in the bath and kitchen fixture business. - $1200 Estibot appraisal / $1200 Estibot appraisal

Silver Spring, MD is a major business hub located just north of Washington, D.C. and had a population of 71,452 at the 2010 census.  If I were a realtor in Silver Spring I would be all over this domain for my own personal lead generation.  Do some prospecting to real estate professionals in Silver Spring and this is money in the bank from a domain flipping perspective.

For those who like to cut and paste for their own purposes…

Recent Drops, Expired & Available Domains for Reg Fee – 26 Domain Names

These domain names were all available for registration as of the time this post was made.  They are all recently expired drops.  There are no affiliate links in this post whatsoever.  Any links included are to make my point…whether it be a serious or a flippant one.  Enjoy and if you’re not already doing, please follow me on Twitter for available domain alerts, domaining news and stream of consciousness commentary. – I wonder what a 3 month-old Nolan Ryan card goes for? Here’s the company (or one like it) to flip this domain to – For affiliate or direct sale of religious and Christian gifts, or flip to a company in that business who can use it for SEO or marketing. - They’re not expensive, but anyone who cans needs canning jar labels. Monetize as affiliate with other canning equipment and supplies as well. – Most of us have one…hell, some of us married them. – Flip this domain to or become their competitor in the Civil War tshirt business – As in “drug free” dating, not recently bathed. – It’s a front and center political issue, not to mention the difference of opinion in the medical community. – Nothing in Dubai comes cheap.  Flip this domain to one of these 12 chocolate shops highlighted in this Dubai blog - The exact opposite of “after life”…a blog about life…or the atheism perspective. – Make a directory of ebooks for sale via ClickBank…when clicks convert to sales you earn affiliate commissions. – The website currently holds the top 2 Google results for the exact match search “glass water bongs.” Do your own search. How precarious. - A recent search of mine on YouTube, the skills derived soon to be shared with my U12 youth team during next practice – Candidate for an Ebay Partner Network or Amazon affiliate site… - I didn’t do a Google search on this one…honest. - I know, I know, another marijuana reference.  Would make a heck of a directory when it’s legal though. – Flip to a company like or for marketing potential & lead gen – Start a blog about the MLM business…monetized w/ MLM signups, lead gen or CPC…has Alexa rating of 19M – Seems to be common theme lately. Start a political blog and let your voice be heard. – has built a company and a brand off of people needing a reputable contractor. Check out the Angie’s List Affiliate Plan. – Restaurant equipment is just plain expensive, and restaurant carts are no exception. Many restaurant equipment supply companies offer affiliate programs or would buy this domain outright. – What’s yours…sorry, none of my business! – See above – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” – Kinda catchy for a blog about start up companies…reviews, news, resources, etc. – A necessary ingredient for confectionery or baking professionals…use as an affiliate landing page directing visitors to confectionery supply stores. – I was just invited to go to the Packers game on Christmas Day 2011…I’ll be the only one in a NY Giants jacket.

Same domains list for copying and pasting…since domainers do an awful lot of it!


Buying Domains That Reflect Your Personal Interests

Recently my wife’s parents hosted our 3 children for a grandkid sleep-over and my beautiful bride and I had a very rare weekend to ourselves.

The extended child-sitting stint was part of an anniversary present her folks had given us back in May, and we cashed it in last Friday through Sunday to celebrate our recently passed 17th wedding anniversary.

Not having had a weekend with just the two of us in ages, craving some physical activity (keep it clean people)  and never the types to spend time indoors if there’s an outside option, my wife and I quickly settled on a common interest.

AT thru hikers

We decided to spend our weekend together hiking a short section (17.8 miles) of the Appalachian Trail through beautiful North Carolina and Tennessee, from the Nolichucky River to Iron Mountain Gap.

On Friday night we threw some gear and food together and hit the hay looking forward to the trail.  In the morning we dropped my truck off at our end-point then drove a second car to our starting point.  This way when we reached the end of our hike we had wheels waiting for us on the other end.

So, what does this have to do with buying domains or domain investing?

Without fail, all of the domain investors I have met and have had the opportunity to discuss this topic with, have a portion of their domain name portfolio that speaks to something inside them, a particular interest or passion that is far and away more meaningful than making money.

Long distance hiking, backpacking, the Appalachian Trail, and camping are all personal interests and passions of mine.  They are some of the activities and places I enjoy most and some domains in my domain portfolio directly reflect these interests.  Indeed one of my personal goals is to hike the Appalachian Trail as a thru hiker and to join the ranks of the other 2000 milers before me, who all had their own reasons for hiking the trail, none making any more sense than the other.  After all, what kind of people leave the world behind for 6 months to walk almost 2200 miles?  My kind of people, that’s who.

Some Appalachian Trail, hiking, backpacking and camping domains in my portfolio… & 2000Milers.comThe Appalachian Trail Conservancy recognizes anyone who reports completion of the entire Appalachian Trail as a “2000 miler.” The term is a matter of tradition and convenience and is based on the original estimated length of the AT. & – “AT” is an abbreviation for the Appalachian Trail. Generally speaking, an AT thru hiker is someone who hikes the entire Appalachian Trail, from Springer Mountain, GA to Mount Katahdin, ME in one 12 month period or less. There are some specifics that hikers love to debate and some very strong feelings all around, but just about everyone agrees that a thru hiker is someone who starts from one end and hikes “thru” to the other, not taking any prolonged time off the trail and finishing in under a calendar year. – Some minimalist hikers prefer using a hiking tarp to construct a nightly shelter rather than relying on a tent. Any way to shave some weight from a pack is a viable option, and eliminating even a lightweight backpacking tent in exchange for a simple tarp shelter not only reduces weight but also takes up less space, leaving more room for other essential backpacking gear. – A camping kettle isn’t just for making a cup of tea or a mug of coffee while on the trail.  For extended backpacking trips, a way to boil water is essential for sterilization and the preparation of dehydrated food meals.  My favorite type of camping kettle is the Kelly Kettle, and since I don’t have a good video of me using mine, check out these very cool video demonstrations direct from   Fueled with only small scraps of wood, bark, pine cones, etc. a Kelly Kettle can bring  water to boil easier on the trail than any other camping kettle I’ve ever seen. – Tent hiking is simply hiking with a tent as opposed to relying on permanently constructed trail shelters, off-trail accommodations such as hotels, motels or hostels, slack packing or a hiking tarp. A lightweight tent that can stand up to the rigors of the trail is essential for anyone contemplating a serious tent hiking expedition. – Tarp hiking is a niche within the backpacking and hiking community and as the phrase implies, these hardcore lightweight hikers leave the tent at home.  They prefer to rely solely on natural surroundings and a simple hiking tarp to provide shelter from the elements.  Tarp hiking is considered a more minimalistic approach to hitting the trail than tent hiking. – A tent hammock is a combination of a hammock and a tent where the camper or hiker sleeps in a suspended hammock while protected above by a roof covering or a “tent” that shields the user from rain, snow and sun.  A tent hammock is ideal for keeping clear of running ground water in a storm or small animals scurrying in the night.  It also completely negates the need to find a non-rocky or quasi flat surface to set up a ground tent.  Tent hammocks also tend to be lighter than tents as poles are not required.

Everything in the domain investing world can’t be about making a buck.

At least not for me.  Some domains are for making money and some I wouldn’t take a million dollars for.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I’d take a million bucks for any domain in my portfolio…but I think you get what I’m saying.

So, what are some domains in your portfolio that aren’t about making money and more related to your personal interests and passions?


Expired Domains And Ideas To Go With Them

So much of domaining is using your imagination.  Here’s a peek into mine.  All of these domains are available for you to register at your registrar of choice.

Catchy, brand-able and everyone says “Awwwwww” when they hear a moving reunited lovers story.  Would make a memorable dating site or blog for the hopeless romantics (raises hand).

Me:  “What did you get me for my birthday?”
You:  “Something from, but it’s a suprise and you’ll have to wait!”

Great domain for a political blog about the Tea Party movement which has made an undeniable impact on American politics and will no doubt play an important role in the 2012 Presidential Elections.   Sell Tea Party tshirts, buttons, pins, bumper stickers, etc. with a free CafePress Affiliate Store.

People want to know who they are, plus many Tea Party delegates are not as well known as their Republican and Democrat peers and could use a site like this to profile them.  Another CafePress or Zazzle Affiliate Store candidate for political signage, shirts, pins, etc.

Many companies and organizations offer discounts for teachers, educators and coaches.  Develop into a site that earns affiliate commissions by presenting teachers with coupons and discounts they already qualify for.

Perfect domain for a Dallas focused cyclist blog.  Bike riding, street cycling, and trail riding is huge in the Dallas area as anyone who has ever been to White Rock Lake or visited knows very well.

Bath, New York is a city of roughly  5,400 in upstate NY.  I’m sure there’s a lawyer or two competing for clients there that can be shown the light and benefit from owning this one.  Flip it yo.


Who am I to judge?  We had our Jordache Jeans in the 80’s right?  At least these outfits appear more comfortable (pics of Corona Girls and various Nascar models wearing, you guessed it, NOT baggy loose sweats).

.com .org .info all registered and high CPC of $6.44.  Companies often send their sales representatives and executives to business negotiation training which isn’t cheap.  There’s money here if someone develops it, plus a good flip candidate since other .tlds are taken.

.com .org .biz and .us all registered.  1600 exact searches per Estibot.  Develop as an affiliate store or sell to a mens clothing online retailer that targets big and tall men.

Nearly 500 exact searches monthly for the phrase (per Estibot) and a decent motorcycle chopper kit can easily run $5000.  Develop this domain as a feeder to a client’s main site, flip to a motorcycle supply retailer or monetize yourself and earn commissions when you refer a visitor to a supplier who buys a chopper kit.  These chopper motorcycle kit products and price examples spell opportunity.

Not sure how the domain can be utilized?  Do some research on fractional ownership and it will come to you.  Great domain for anyone in that business.

Okay, back to the grind!

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